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So much work goes in to the sales process and getting to the point where your prospect has agreed to meet with you face-to-face can take a great deal of time and determination. Successful Salespeople maximise every opportunity to build on the relationship they’ve already created when they present their product or service in person. The only way to do get that right is to ensure they are properly prepared.

We’ve explored the theme of preparation many times in our past blogs because it is continuous part of the entire sales process. Whether it’s preparing for a successful telesales session or delivering your pitch, having a strategy in place will always yield greater success than ‘winging it’. It sound’s obvious, doesn’t it? But many Salespeople fail to prepare adequately and as the saying goes;

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”

– Benjamin Franklin

So how exactly do you prepare for that appointment? SureTrain’s Sales Experts recommend you apply the following checklist every time.

Prepare your Knowledge – Much like you would for a job interview, make time to learn as much about the company as possible. Who is their customer? Who are their competitors? What challenges do they face? Don’t forget to research the people or department you are meeting with too.

Prepare your Materials – What should you be taking with you for this meeting? This needs to go beyond just business cards and branded pens. Try to anticipate the kinds of questions you may be asked and think about the kinds of company literature or reports you could leave behind. You may not close at the first meeting so give them something positive, that demonstrates the effectiveness of your product or service, to chew over.

Prepare your Mindset – A positive attitude will go a long way to helping you present your best self during the appointment. Prospects will warm to someone who is pleasant and polite, engaging and interested in their business. Consider the things you can do to boost your own positivity along the way, the night before, the morning of, even in the minutes before you walk through the door.

Prepare your Goals – Setting the right kind of expectation before your appointment will enable you to confidently measure its success. Firstly, think about your goals for both the meeting and for future interaction with the prospect. Secondly, align your goals with theirs. When you determine to achieve their goal alongside them, the confidence you have in your product or service will naturally help create the pathway to their success.

Prepare your Prospect – Successful Salespeople always send their prospect an agenda. Not so much a standard bullet pointed list but an informal set of instructions to prepare both them and you ahead of time. After all, you may want them to bring specific documents or invite colleagues who may also benefit from learning more about you. When you set the right kind of agenda you set the tone for the meeting and you take control.

These points are explored fully and in more detail as a part of SureTrain’s ‘Field Sales: Closing More Sales’ course. By doing so it is possible to identify and build a strategy for every Sales Professional who attends. One of our most recent delegates on this course, a highly experienced Business Development Manager had this to say:

“I came thinking I needed polishing but now realise that some skills need to be learned afresh, which this course achieved”

If you are looking for developing new strategies for closing more sales, then this one-day course could be the ideal solution for your sales team. Find out more about SureTrain's course programme here or call us on 0800 840 1501.

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