Losing Control of Your Sales Team

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Without proper measures in place, it’s not difficult to lose sight of how your sales team is performing. The effects of this can be damaging, reaching across different areas of your business. In this week’s blog we look at just some of the problems a struggling Sales Leader might encounter in this situation:

Inconsistent Activity – Whether you have small sales team to manage or a large one, it is vital to have a clear overview of operations. A sales strategy that includes planned activity to monitor and assess progress is the only way that you can be sure each member of your sales team is operating at their best, maximising every opportunity to create and secure new business.

Lack of Knowledge – Only by knowing the behaviours and activity of each salesperson will you have clear knowledge about what makes each individual a valued member of your sales team. This knowledge will also identify those who are not performing, and this is important due to its direct negative impact on the performance of the team overall. Personal learning and development plans for each member of your team are key to understanding their needs and finding ways to bring out the best in them.

Stress and Anxiety – Worrying about hitting targets is bad enough but if you don’t have a clear picture of what your team is achieving and exactly how they are operating, the stress can be overwhelming. The key to overcoming this kind of worry is knowledge. If you are in control of your team’s activity you can begin to take positive steps towards hitting and exceeding targets.

Disillusioned Team Members – In addition to the stress you might feel as a Sales Leader, if you’re not taking control, individuals within the team will undoubtedly begin to feel disheartened with their experience. Particularly in situations where individuals are working alone in different geographical locations. These feelings will produce negativity which will have a knock-on effect on targets, employee turnover and even customer relationships.

Unhappy Customers – Your customers need to have every confidence in your ability to deliver your product or service to the highest standard. They will have high expectations when it comes to how well you look after them and how consistently you perform. Without control of your sales team, how can you be certain that customers won’t start looking for an alternative supplier?

Sales Leadership is one of the most crucial roles in any growing company and the responsibility of managing a sales team is a serious business. Suretrain’s Sales Experts have the knowledge and experience to help you develop sales leadership skills that build you a winning sales team, across the UK. Our Sales Leadership and Strategy for Sales Managers Programmes will help you take back control of your sales team and avoid problems just like these.

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