Sales Training is a Process, Not an Event – The Benefits of Long Term Training

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

I am often contacted by companies who are looking to hold a single sales training event, focussing on a specific subject, usually because they have identified a skill gap which is causing a performance issue, or they have recognised a sales opportunity for which new skills are needed.

While these events are great for injecting new motivation, knowledge and skills, short term training like this can often produce short term results. In my experience, delegates display a spike in activity and results in the weeks post training, followed by a tail off in success as old habits creep back in or the pressure of work forces them to cut the same old corners.

How do we learn?

One of the key ways we learn is by experience. By implementing new skills and experiencing the differences in outcome when compared to our previous habit helps us to determine whether our new abilities are more beneficial or not. It is very valuable to run sales training programmes that allow time for individuals to implement their new skills, in their real environment, and see those differences for themselves.

Given the complexity of some sales techniques, if you want a delegate to develop these skills and experience their positive benefits, it is usually beneficial to build up these techniques in layers. Bringing the delegate into the training room to help the learn in stages, with practical experience in between, means that each part of the development has the opportunity to become embedded as a habit before the next layer is added.

Repetition is another vital tool in the trainers’ tool bag. Repetitive reinforcement of the core skills in training helps the delegate to build the central memories that create the new habits. As a sales trainer, my goal is to help my delegates to form those memories so that, every time they are faced with a particular scenario, they can access these memories of best practice and instinctively bring them to the situation in hand.

Repetition is particularly beneficial when you are trying to overprint strongly embedded bad habits. These poorer skills that have been ensconced in the memory for a long time will continue to resurface until they have been replaced in the memory by new ones. These new memories will only take precedence through a combination of repetition and positive experience.

So, if you’re thinking about engaging sales training for your team, compare the benefits of developmental sales training programmes to the one off event and ask yourself if the impact on your sales success would be greater if your team had the opportunity to repeat, reinforce, experience and form profitable habits.

Sure Train provides long term sales development programmes as well as short sales training events in many sales related subjects.

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