Six Reasons Why You Need to Invest in Your Sales Team

The key growing your business and increasing profit, be it a small local company or a large corporation, is ensuring you have a team of top talent at the heart of your Sales Team. Your customer will be unable appreciate the value and benefit of your product or service if the person they’re dealing with isn’t enthusiastic, motivated, skilled or knowledgeable.

The culture of your company and the productivity of your Sales Team is directly affected by how much training, empowerment and responsibility they have.

As the business owner, you need to invest a number of ways in order to create the right balance, covering time, resources and money.   The key is moving the focus from knowing how to ‘Recruit and Hire’, to how to ‘Hire and Retain’. Implementing the following steps can get you moving in the right direction.

Play the long game to create ‘employees with a long-term plan’

Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing internal people with the potential to fill key business leadership positions in your company. Your best Sales Person now, could be a perfect choice for a future Sales Manager. Their experience of your product or service and their existing relationships with your customers will greatly benefit any new members they recruit into your Sales Team. When your employees know that you are invested in their growth and development within your company, this will in turn cause them to invest in you, with a long-term plan for their career.

Prevent poor customer service and damage to brand reputation with the right training

When budgets are tight, training can often be the first thing to cut back on. The right approach is to value training as an ongoing process, not just required at the start of a new job but something that is key to the career development of your Sales Team and customer perception of your brand. Then you can be sure your company reputation will survive the tough times, through the interactions your customers experience in their dealings with knowledgeable, friendly and trusted representatives.

Provide your team with right tools for the job

Nothing frustrates and employee more than feeling like they are unequipped to do an exceptional job. Regularly ask to see if there is anything they need which would help them to be more effective in their role.

Give responsibility to build an empowered and committed team

Giving responsibility to members of you sales team demonstrates trust. If your goal is to replicate your own leadership qualities in each team member then that won’t happen until they are given the opportunity to rise to the challenge and show their commitment to the overall team performance. How responsibility is handled by each individual will show you who the up-and-coming leaders are.

Demonstrate flexibility to show support for your team

As a business you have needs that your sales team need to meet. As individuals, your team members have both personal and professional needs that need your support. Being flexible to the needs of your staff, while still holding them accountable for their output, will create the right kind of culture within your workplace. The feeling of empowerment within your team will promote good working relationships and a positive attitude towards the work they are doing.

Give new employees the best start possible by creating colleagues who inspire them

When you make a deliberate effort to invest in your sales team, making their experience of working for you an enjoyable, valued and rewarded one, you will automatically be creating the best environment for any new team members coming in. They will gauge many of their first impressions form the actions and attitudes of their colleagues, so do all you can to inspire them in their own long-term career plans.

Ultimately, a ‘Recruit and Hire’ focus will have you spending money in all the wrong places, paying out to correct mistakes, letting people go and starting over again. It will stunt the growth of your business. A focus on ‘Hire and Retain’ is always the better strategy. Even if your company is doing well, it can do even better when the whole team are united in their commitment.

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