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Skilled Teams Win - Part 1

When you’re trying to grow and develop your business into further success where do you start? If your sales team are the beating heart of your business, then it only makes sense to take care of them, nurturing the skills they possess and directing their improvement to ensure continual growth.  The key to delivering this is to implement a programme of regular training and development.

Many businesses don’t allocate the time or make the financial investment into this critical area of employee care, often prioritising other aspects of the business.  However, it is well worth the venture because investment in skills within the workplace – especially in the sales team – will certainly improve your company’s bottom line, enabling you to see your return on investment within your balance sheet.

In part one of this blog, we will look at SureTrain’s top 5 benefits of implementing a programme of ongoing training for your sales team. In part two, we will explore the things you may want to consider before putting such a plan into place.

The Benefits:

You will easily be able to identify skills gaps and remedy them When an employer is focused on the development needs of their staff they will be able to react quickly to changes within the industry, equipping their sales team with new skills to sell their product effectively within a changing marketplace.  This approach enables their team to stand out amongst the competition and be recognised as a leader in their field.

You will increase job satisfaction levels Salespeople are most motivated and productive when they have great job satisfaction.  Sending out champions for your product or service means their sales pitch will not only be enthusiastic but most importantly sincere, which is critical to building relationships with new and existing clients. Trained staff feel valued and appreciated by their employer and that reflects in their ability to sell more.

You will attract new talent A company that invests in its employees and cultivates an atmosphere of high lob satisfaction will no doubt build a positive reputation as an ideal employer within its industry.  With this reputation, it will attract the top talent which will be a valuable resource as the business continues to grow further and additional roles need to be filled.

It will help you save and earn money A team of happy and motivated salespeople has a direct effect upon the huge costs of hiring new staff and reduces the chances of losing your best team members to other employers. Also, a trained team will be able to work with more efficiency and proficiency, saving the business even more money in the long run.

It ensures you are always looking to the future

If implementing a program of training is an ongoing process, then there will always be the need to look to the future to anticipate in which direction the training will be taken next. 

What needs to be considered?

What kind of leadership is required?

What will customers need from us?

What industry changes could be expected?

The sales team plays a crucial role in answers each of these questions so it makes good sense to invest in their development, ensuring their ability to perform at the highest level. In addition, you will need to consider your plan for training and development as there are differing factors that can shape your approach.  The training delivered last year might not work this year, due perhaps to a changing marketplace or the size of your business. Staying ahead of the curve and eliminating complacency will keep the business on its toes – and that’s a good thing.

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