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The Motivational Power of Sales Training

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

Even if you already know everything about sales!

So, most employers and managers understand that training their staff is an essential part of ensuring they are as skilled and effective as possible. Building an employee’s knowledge and breadth of experience will enhance their performance, build their confidence and drive their results.

We’ve all attended training sessions where the content is useful, interesting and could provide additional sales when applied, but the quality of the delivery and the level of engagement is sadly lacking. This type of training delivery has its place if you are learning factual, process oriented tasks which need a high level of detail, such as administrative tasks, where the process and accuracy are vital.

However, in a sales environment, there is an element to training that cannot be missing from the classroom. Motivation.

Sales people need motivation. They need a drive to succeed which isn’t always necessary in other job roles. They need to be self-starting, self-regulating and driven. One of the key ways to develop these attitudes is through energetic, inspiring and motivational training.

It is the role of a sales trainer to not only deliver useful, practical and applicable content but to send their delegates away from the course uplifted, inspired, energised and motivated to put their new skills into practice. If training is delivered in this way, the results that follow can be dramatically enhanced.

This is one of the reasons that great sales people want to get back into the classroom whenever they can, even if it is to refresh skills they already have. They desire that push, that re-focus, that new injection of energy from someone outside of their organisation who can see their challenges objectively.

So, when you are choosing a sales trainer to work with, look at their skills and knowledge, look at their history and experience but most of all, look at their delivery style, their presence, their ability to energise the delegates and send them away inspired to deliver the results you want.

At Suretrain, we have built our training on 3 key elements:

1. When the delegates leave the training room, they must have a full understanding of the material taught.

2. They must also have a full understanding of how they are going to implement their new skills.

3. They must be motivated and inspired to use these skills to enhance their results.

Talk to us on 0800 840 1501 or you would like to know more.

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