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Account Management Skills Training Course

Our Account Management and Portfolio Development Training Course has brought increased sales and profits for our clients. It's a highly effective and motivational programme, focussing on practical, usable skills that really do reduce discounting while increasing customer satisfaction and turning customers into loyal Partners and Fans.

What's in the Course?
  • Learn how to keep, grow and delight your customers.

  • Understand how to increase the spend of your customer base.

  • Learn to increase the profitability of your portfolio.

  • Create strategies to reduce negotiation.

  • Learn to grow your portfolio in a sustainable way.

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New Skills



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Tangible Outcomes and Action Plans

All of our sales training programmes create tangible outcomes, strategies that can be implemented and action plans for the delegates to put into practice immediately following their training. This approach means that your team will know exactly how to action their new skills with confidence, bringing you a faster and larger return on your investment.


Trusted by


"Fantastic, positive, motivational day! Really well run!" CB - Nautibouy Marine

"Very friendly and felt comfortable interacting and asking questions. I wasn't embarrassed that I started with little sales knowledge" - CC - BoothBook

"Really informative and easy to follow. Very applicable to our business" - RP - Nautibouy Marine

"Great! Now I know what I need to work on!" - CA - BoothBook

Delivery Options
Sales Training Course


Our highly effective sales training courses delivered at your premises.

Tailored Sales Training


Bespoke training programmes, created specifically to deliver the results you need, written in collaboration with you.

Sales Development Programmes


Sales development programmes that build the skills, knowledge, motivation and success of your sales team.

Account Management Skills Training -

Full Course Content

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Our Account Management Training Course has brought increased profits and sales for many of our clients. It is a very effective programme, focussing on practical, useable skills that really do reduce discounting while increasing customer satisfaction and turning customers into Partners and Fans.


Key Benefits of the Programme


Keep, Grow and Delight your customers.

Increase the spend of your customer base.

Increase the profitability of your portfolio.

Reduce negotiation.

Grow your business in a sustainable way.


Account Management Training Course Content


Understanding the goals of effective account management.

  • Define account management

  • Current v future state of your account management processes? Is what you are doing right, or could there be other ways?

  • How do we keep / delight / grow our accounts?

Customer Analysis

  • Performance measurement

  • Satisfaction measurement

  • Opportunity analysis - what is the 'white space'?

Planning Growth in Your Account Portfolio

  • Goals for your portfolio growth

  • Reality of current portfolio size, average fees per client

  • Options for developing this spend with current client portfolio

  • Way forward - what is your action plan for developing this spend?

Turning Clients into Partners and Fans

  • How can we keep / delight / grow each account?

  • Developing an action plan for accounts

  • Turning clients into Partners and Fans

Creating an Effective Client Review Process (Service and Sales Focussed) - Workshop

  • Develop a review process which focusses on growing the account and developing new opportunities.

A key output of this course is that your team will develop an account management review process that they can utilise to manage all of their customer interactions, bringing consistency to their behaviours and outcomes.

Workshop Based, Not Lecture Style

Our programmes are delivered with energy and motivation, exciting and inspiring the delegates to learn, understand and implement their new skills. 

You won't find any boring Powerpoint presentations here! All of our sales training courses are all delivered in a workshop style. This means that new skills and knowledge is achieved through interactive coaching sessions, helping the delegates to bring their knowledge and experience in their markets into the training. This makes the training outcome far more relevant to the delegate and therefore more likely to deliver that essential return on investment. It is also more motivational and engaging than typical sales training sessions.

We promise that your delegates will not be bored!

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Delivery Locations

Wherever you are in the UK, Sure Train can deliver your sales training course in house, at your premises or at a venue of your choice. All of our courses can be delivered as 'In House' - our standard courses delivered for you, or as 'Bespoke' - tailored to your exact needs and outcomes.

Sure Train has offices in Bristol and Exeter and can deliver programmes for you at these venues, but we also work across the country at carefully selected training locations, or at your premises.

We deliver our account management skills training programmes across the UK, but we have specific centres in the locations below.

Prospecting Skills Training
Developing A Sales Strategy
CORE Sales Skills Training
Core Advanced Sales Skills Training
Account Management Training Exeter
Account Management Training Taunton
Account Management Training Plymouth
Account Management Training Yeovil
Account Management Training Devon
Account Management Training Wiltshire
Account Management Training South Wales
Account Management Training Birmingham
Account Management Training Bath
Account Management Training Salisbury
Account Management Training Oxford
Account Management Training London
Account Management Training Gloucester
Account Management Training Cardiff
Account Management Training Swansea
Account Management Training Swindon
Account Management Training Somerset
Account Management Training Gloucestershire
Account Management Training Oxfordshire
Account Management Training Bournemouth
Account Management Training Dorset
Account Management Training Midlands
Account Management Training Worcestershire
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