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Richard Palmer - Lead Trainer and Company Owner

Richard Palmer Sales Trainer

Lead Sales Trainer

Richard Palmer

Hi, I'm Richard, Lead Trainer and your first point of contact for discussing your sales training needs. Let me tell you a bit about myself.


Firstly, I'm an experienced Sales Director and Trainer with a proven history of working in the professional training & coaching industry. I'm skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning, Coaching, Sales, and Entrepreneurship, all of which helps me to deliver increased sales and profits for my clients through effective planning, training, execution, measurement and analysis.


Following extensive experience in the retail motor finance industry, I began working with clients across the country and in multiple business sectors, helping them to develop the skills needed to be more effective in sales and profit development.

I begin by fully understanding my client’s current skills position and how those skills, along with the attitude and motivation of the sales staff are impacting on the sales results achieved. Through extensive questioning and sometimes observation of the sales team, I will then analyse the skill sets and develop the appropriate training, management structures and measurement processes required to deliver the required uplift in sales results.


Working to a pre-planned set of milestones, I, or one of my team, then deliver the training programmes in a manner which progresses the sales people along the desired routes, helping them to implement and build on their new skills while enabling management to mentor the team between training sessions.

Richard Palmer Sales Trainer
Richard Palmer Sale Trainer

The training that Sure Train delivers is founded on coaching, rather than the ‘presentation’ style of training. So, instead of relying purely on classroom techniques such as flipchart and PowerPoint presentations, we mix in coaching workshops designed to help delegates to form their own opinions and develop their own versions of the sales techniques taught. This approach is highly effective and very motivational for all involved. It generates a greater and faster return on investment, as the delegates more fully understand how they are to implement their new knowledge.


Having been in sales for over 33 years, I believe I have the knowledge and experience to be able to truly demonstrate empathy with my training delegates, seeing their market from their point of view and fully understanding the challenges they face. This enables me to develop training programmes that really go to the heart of the issue and create lasting solutions.

I'd be delighted to hear from you and to chat through your sales training needs and the aspirations you have for your sales development. You can get in touch with me direct by filling in the Free, No Obligation Sales Review form below or via any of the following methods. Give me a call, it'll be good to talk!

Contact us now for a free, no obligation, sales training consultation.
We can do this by phone, Skype or face to face. You will receive effective advice on how you can grow your sales and what part sales training could play in that.
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