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Should Sales Training Be Part Of Your Recruitment Strategy?

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

So, you need to recruit new talent for your sales team. Let me ask you this question, Why should your target recruit come to work for you?

Is it because you will pay them well?

Is it because you have a great product or service to sell?

Is it because you are a great company to work for?

I would imagine it's all of those things and possibly more, but could you make your offer even more attractive?

Many employers will look for established, proven sales people who have a history of delivering on their sales targets. As a result, there is often the feeling that they will not need sales training and could slot straight into your team, with the right amount of product education.

However, you are missing a golden opportunity to not only attract that top sales person but also to build a platform for retaining them long into the future.

Unfortunately, many employers see sales training as a solution to a problem, rather than an ongoing beneficial activity. I am often called into companies when an issue has been identified. Either sales have dropped generally or specific sales people are not performing. The problem with this approach is that damage has already been done. Those lost sales may not be recoverable and the repeat business they could have brought to the company lost forever. So, the business is already on a downward slide before training is sourced to solve the problem.

Let's liken this to a sports team. Top sports people do not train only when things are not going right. they train continuously in the skills that keep them at the top of their game. That is how we should be working with sales people. provide them with regular, focused and beneficial training that will keep them performing to their maximum capabilities and prevent that slide.

So, back to recruitment. A top sales person will be attracted by a continuous, forward looking development programme. They understand the need to regularly look at their skills and hone them through training. If you can add this benefit to your recruitment process, you will increase the chances of bringing in high quality people who will want to perform for you and stay with you.

Call Sure Train on 0800 840 1501 to find out how we can support your ongoing training programme.

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