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The Real Reason Why Sales Trainers Don’t Talk About ROI

Would a single golf lesson make you a scratch player overnight? Sounds like a daft question, doesn’t it? Being shown or told how things should be done might help improve your game a bit. Self-learning is also valuable. But what really makes the difference is training aimed at specific skills you need to improve. Skills that you reinforce over time - with coaching to make sure you don’t slip back into old habits. And there’s the problem with the training a lot of sales teams receive. It’s based on the salespeople taking a day out of the office, going through some standardised theory and role-plays on an open course, and then it’s back to the routine. Some training points are remembered - for a while. Gradually they fade. Behaviour reverts to the norm in the face of day-to-day pressures and targets. Research indicates that as much as 87% of information is lost within 1 month without reinforcement (Training Industry).

From Quick Fix to Consistency

Training with this model is sporadic. This is because it’s difficult and expensive to get teams out of the office and off the road for a day. Accessibility becomes a significant issue - particularly with dispersed and home-based sales teams. How much of the training sales teams receive ultimately feeds through into sales targets being consistently smashed? And how much does the return on the investment diminish over time? Your own experience as a sales leader will give you the answers. Perhaps it’s also worth reflecting on how many opportunities never turn into sales because one or two details in the process weren’t handled in quite the right way.

We Care About Your ROI

The Sure Train approach is different. It’s 100% focused on delivering an impressive ROI through increased sales conversions for your team. For one thing, it’s not one-off open learning, it’s a 12-month programme that allows your team to progressively build their skills and confidence. It’s also delivered online so that all of the sessions and resources are easy to access. Core course modules are available for people to study when it’s most convenient and when they are at their most receptive. Training can be activated much sooner.

Build a Bespoke Development Programme

Sure Train programmes can be adopted in a way to best suit the exact priorities of each member of your team. You can build your development programme around the skills that people need to improve, such as prospecting or telesales, alongside areas where refresher training is needed. Many of our clients also blend face-to-face workshops delivered using video conferencing technology. Regular sessions like this offer opportunities for Q and A and reflection. Your team will have the opportunity to discuss how they are implementing the learning, and share their experiences along the way. The most important difference is that the focus is on putting learning into practice - not just on the theory. This is what drives lasting change and a sustained return on investment.

If you’ve found that sales training has never quite hit the mark or delivered the lasting change in performance you need, talk to Sure Train. We’ll design and deliver a programme that will make a real difference to your ROI. Contact us on 0800 840 1501 or email

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